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The class of FIS 2309, Design of Electronic Text, at Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto was challenged to create an open-access electronic journal to publish their major papers for the course. The goal of the project was to provide the students with the opportunity to gain knowledge of electronic text: its design principles, uses and methods for evaluating usability. Content comes from the students themselves, as they submit original papers on topics revolving around the issues and challenges of creating electronic text.

Vol 1, No 1 (2008)

Table of Contents


E-newspapers: Revolution or Evolution? PDF HTML
Deniz Bokesoy
Electronic text and visually impaired users: standards & the move toward Universal Accessibility PDF HTML
Jamon Camisso
The Effects of Electronic Books Designed for Children in Education PDF HTML
Michelle Chau
What is Inhibiting the Proliferation of E-books in the Academic Library? PDF HTML
Alanna Jenkins
Nurses and the Use of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) at the Point of Care PDF HTML
Cathy Johnson
Students’ experience of using electronic textbooks in different levels of education PDF HTML
Jenny Lau
Dedicated E-reading Devices: the State of the Art and the Challenges PDF HTML
Yu Li
The Race to Create a Digital Library: Google Books vs. the Open Content Alliance PDF HTML
Klara Maidenberg
Digital reading theory and its relationship to academic reading practices PDF HTML
Lisa Nowak
Towards Barrier-free Reading in the Digital Age: Electronic Texts for the Visually Impaired PDF HTML
Robert Ree
The e-reader industry: Replacing the book or enhancing the reader experience? PDF HTML
Nathaniel Stone
Academic Libraries Redefined: Old Mission with a New Face PDF HTML
Geeta Thachil
Creating a Prize for the Best Digital Editions / Online Archives PDF HTML
Kimberley Yates